De mi rancho a tu cocina: Mexican grandmother reaches 3 million subscribers on YouTube in one year



She makes hearts fall in love with her tenderness, humility, and delicious food.

There are no secrets to her success, it is clear that once you sit down to look at her: the simplicity, the culture, the fact that she is the grandmother you have known. She ends up being like your grandmother.

Mrs. Angela is the grandmother that everyone now knows on YouTube by uploading videos of Mexican homemade food through her channel "De mi rancho a tu cocina". Now it has two buttons, gold and silver that were sent by YouTube.

Achieving these figures is not very easy, it requires time, perseverance, and dedication; However, Mrs. Angela managed it in one year and with only 80 videos. To date, his channel has 144,000,606 views and almost 3 million subscribers.

Check out one of their videos below for more inspiration. You can subscribe to their channel here.

Most of Mrs. Angela's videos are cooking in her old brick stove on her ranch, her traditional recipes have captured the hearts of many, and her channel continues to grow at a fast pace.

If you are thinking of creating a YouTube channel, you may want to follow the inspiration of Mrs. Angela from Michoacán, México. It is necessary to highlight that there is no age for entrepreneurship and at Ultra Seller Shoes we honor all those women like Mrs. Angela. Women who give their lives to the care of their home and family. It is hard work without recognition, making food, cleaning, and worrying that every day everything is in accordance with the needs of the home.

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