8 Ways To Create Your Own At-Home Office Exercise Plan


Despite the circumstances surrounding the coronavirus, staying fit from home is probably on your list of priorities.

You started off the New Year so well and on the right track. Then life happened. Well, I am here to declare now's not the time for excuses!

With the gym membership and personal trainer no longer an option, let’s look at a few ideas to put to use while you practice social distancing.

If you're working from home, chances are you're sitting. A lot. By neglecting to get out of your chair you're opening yourself up to a host of issues. Back and leg pain, weight gain, and anxiety are just a few things that arise from a sedentary lifestyle.

That's why it's important to break up your day with occasional walks outside. If you're more ambitious, with eight hours in your workday you have an opportunity to try eight different exercises. At the top of every hour, if you take one minute to tone up, that’s an easy eight minutes a day.

Are you ready? Great, let’s get started!


1. Plank it good

Planks are some of the easiest exercises to do in that they require no equipment. Get parallel to the floor, keep your booty low, hands directly below your shoulders, and abs tight. Now, wait for 60 seconds.

2. Drop it low

How many squats do you think you can do in a minute? With every minute-round, try to break your record. Maybe go for two minutes once those legs start to warm up. These can easily be done using your chair as a marker for how low you can go.


3. Push-ups rule

Push-ups are such a workout staple we must not forget to add them here. A minute of them--whether modified or regular--is an awesome workout. Get creative with wide push-ups, diamond push-ups, or even triceps push-ups. The possibilities are truly endless, and you can use your desk or chair.

4. Calf alert

While we are working on those legs, how about calf raises? Just thinking about it makes my legs hurt. These small moves are very similar to what is taught in Barre (ballet) classes, and you have the advantage of doing it whenever you want. No need to squeeze a class into your schedule, just fit a couple of these in-between emails and conference calls.

5. No-snow cardio

Looking for a little more cardio in your day? Stay in the comforts of your home as you let snow angel or mountain climber exercises do just the trick in getting your blood pumping. High knees are quick and can be done in place, while knee pull-ins allow you to sit in the comfort of your chair. There’s no excuse to keep moving.


6. Love, ABsolutely

Ladies, I know we can be critical of our tummies, so abs need love too. Russian twists, side raises, toe taps, or plain old’ crunches. Get down and dirty or keep a yoga mat at your desk if your office carpet sleeves you out. The point is, you can do many of these exercises without even leaving your chair.

7. Lunge break

Much like squats, lunges can be achieved at your desk. Little pulses of just side to side, you can use your desk to help keep you stable and get those legs fired up. One minute on each leg is plenty to see an impact over time.


8) Stand tall

I get it may not be the fanciest of workouts, but standing has a leg up on sitting all day. If you have an opportunity, ditch your chair and stand for a few hours. Just do it. Over time, you improve your posture and also build better strength and motivation to get in your office workouts.

Whether you’re pushing it on the treadmill or taking a bite out of “lunge” breaks, these quick moves are perfect for anyone. It's time to embrace self-isolation and continue molding the bod you’ve worked so hard to create.



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